Sponsor a Child


We are so excited to introduce to you our sponsorship program as well. With a partnership already in place with Grandmaria primary school, we hope to give you an opportunity to sponsor needy children to have an education as God enables. Much different from all other schemes, we shall always share one kids needs at a time until he or she has found a sponsor.

God has already Given us an opportunity  and internship openings for our international friends to come teach the Bible or English for a week, month or a year. This opportunity gives you a chance to come see the kid or kids you sponsor and interact with them and also have an opportunity to teach at the school and an opportunity to help fulfil the great commission by leading the young children to Christ . If you are interested in this ministry opportunity please contact us.
We want to connect our friends in uganda with our friends around the world.

Your gift of $360 a year ($30/month) helps to provide the needs of one child for a full year.

  1. Education at a Christian school
  2. School supplies and uniform
  3. 3 meals a day
  4. Basic medical care
  5. Christian discipleship
  6. Spiritual growth activities for the children and their families


As we have served in full time ministry in the last five years , we have had to raise funds for all our work and we have learnt that individuals will not change the world because only Jesus will do that. But we have learned that we can change the world for one person, so we take every opportunity to share the needs of these children one at a time.