About Us

 Cyrus and Pauline muwanga are full time missionaries who have been serving with Campus Crusade for Christ in the athletes in action department for 5 years.

Having seen firsthand the trauma and challenges of the needy children in Uganda, we founded Fresh Start Uganda to offer orphaned and impoverished children the chance for a brilliant and educated future. The ministry boldly declares the gospel of Jesus Christ and provides for the children’s psychological development and basic physical needs in a sustainable way.


The idea and name became very clear in 2011 after spending time with a Christian couple (Dave and Joy) that were going through the process of adopting two children.

The love and care they showed these kids on a daily basis until the final day when God enabled them to take them was something that stayed in our hearts. The immediate change in health of the two kids while in the care of this couple even when they were still in Uganda confirmed to us that Love and Care goes along way in healing the wounds of children. The organization, based out of Kampala, Uganda, Shares the gospel,will educate, and encourages orphaned and vulnerable children and the poor in the country of Uganda. Our desire is to see a positive change as we share Christ with these children so that they can learn to trust Him and also be able to share with others.